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Krumovgrad Municipality will build largest park for recreation

By the end of February will begin construction of the largest recreational park in Krumovgrad. It will be located on an area over 20 acres in the central zone of the closed military base in the city, said the mayor.

The park will be updated with the lanes, with an archway from the main road in Krumovgrad, with summer bandstand and bicycle paths.

The biggest attraction will be a fountain with a water cascade.

A renovation and tree plantings. In place of the old will plant a new rare species peculiar to this region.

Main will be restored and the nearby monument to the fallen in wars. At the next stage the municipality will give the concession space to build a shop.

The project for reconstruction, renovation and completion of the park in Krumovgrad is worth 1.4 million leva and is the European program "Renovation and development of settlements.