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Kastritsa revived medieval town near Varna

Since the summer of 2011 and the site will be open for tourists

One of the few preserved medieval towns in Bulgaria - Kastritsa, next summer will accept tourists. Guests will stroll the cobblestone streets with authentic width of 3 meters. Alongside them in the chain are arranged walls of ancient houses.

"The roofs of the buildings were of wood. Showing porch and interior stairs. Like Veliko Tarnovo, the walls have a thickness of 60-80 cm. This is a mass media way of building in which the clay binder is used. Second floors were probably built of wattle and mud on a stable floor base. Renaissance architecture is a direct continuation of the Bulgarian medieval, "said Director of the Varna Archaeological Museum Prof. Valentin Pletnyov Чуйте Прочит на латиница Речник - Преглед на подробен речник