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Karnobat-renovated town

4595 871.09 EUR Karnobat will invest the full modernization of the city center, announced today by the municipality.The ambitious project under the Operational Programme "Regional Development 2007-2013" is called "renewal and modernization of the urban environment through the reconstruction of pedestrian zones and lanes and rehabilitation of public recreational areas in the town of Karnobat.The idea of municipal administration is to achieve an entirely new urban environment within one year.Is envisaged to fully renovate the center square in the area between the church and the district court, where for the first time in the history of the city in this space will be fully differentiated pedestrian and automobile traffic will be based on adjacent road sections.The future urban center will have many green components, water effects, signs, rest areas for meetings and official events. Complete will be replaced pavements and street lanes will be removed in order square is at one level. Envisaged to provide a high level of accessibility and urban people with disabilities.Will be introduced and a new type of lighting, which will include the positioning of secondary and higher photovoltaic solar power is lighting.New water and sanitation through the "bypass" will ensure that the new zone will need to undertake further repairs.An amount of EUR 1,579,237 is provided for modernization of the park, where to go now 100,000 visitors a year.Changing this zone will include construction of a scene rosery, new lanes with places for kids play, botanical area, reconstruction of the fortress "Marks" with scale replicas, bike lanes, candy house, numerous attractions, including an area for sports and entertainment for people with disabilities.The park will be lit by spotlights, lights and new lighting.29,352 inhabitants of the municipality, of which 1048 with disabilities will be able to take advantage of the new urban environment.