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In Pleven build the first low-energy buildings

The first low-energy buildings in Pleven to be completed this year. They are part of a complex with 25 single-family residential houses located near the park Kailaka. The complex should be completed by the end of next year.

The development indices are consistent with accepted norms of sustainable development for this method of construction - 70-90 people per hectare. Each property has an area between 400 and 600 sq.m total built area of each housing between 200 to 300 sq m, the height is limited to 7.5 meters, provided landscaping is over 50%.

Planned project installations will spend between 40 and 50 KW per square meter per year in heat transfer coefficient of the roof under U 0.15, for external walls - under U0.25, and windows less than or equal to U 1. Technologies will be applied to land-related ventilation, ventilation with heat recovery air. Although it has secured gas supply pipeline network and built some of the buildings will be a heat pump heating and cooling - air - water and earth - water.

All glazing except the north will be provided with sun protection.

Currently, the entire infrastructure is built - sewer, water, pipeline, high voltage and low voltage channel networks.

By the end of this year should be built between 12 and 15 residential buildings, some of them are currently being designed, others are about to embark.