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Housing in Sofia is sold on average for 69 days

The housing market in Sofia has stepped up in the last half year.

Proof of this is that until six months ago, a residential property was sold for an average of 93 days of publication of the offer, the time is now 69 days.

This was announced during a seminar in the capital city by Teodora Dimitrova, Manager of one of the largest agencies in the country.

The average sales price of residential property in the capital is 53 000 euro.

Most customers prefer to have 50% of the amount for the purchase. For the remaining 50 per cent they rely on bank loans, although half of the buyers meet the conditions of the banks for the granting of the loan, said Dimitrova during the seminar.

Recently from "Credit Center" also said that the growth of real estate transactions is higher than the growth of mortgage banking market. Because of the still-rising unemployment, people don't dare to place themselves in debit and don't borrow, despite the far more attractive conditions of the banks compared to one or two years ago.