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From space will monitor for illegal constructions

Illegal construction will be monitored from space satellite. "The satellites will observe any change on the territory and this will greatly facilitate the work of the national construction Control Directorate, said Ivan Danov, Minister of the investment design.

The mechanism of observation is the following: every two weeks will be made satellite images of the region and superimpose. Where there is a change the system indicates it in red and check whether the amendments in question (i.e. buildings) have permission or not. The purpose of the system is to register illegal construction at the earliest possible stage

The cadastre ready by 2017

The optimistic scenario for the completion of the new cadastral map of Bulgaria is to be completed by 2017.

"It is better to be running a little slower, but qualitatively and not to create problems for the citizens, municipalities and businesses. The correct cadastre will allow easier to draw up the general plans of the municipalities. This in turn will improve their chances to qualify for money from the EU funds", explained the Minister of investment design.

It is already been added in the cadastral map the territories of zone "A" on the Black sea coast, and part of those of zone "B". The plans are in 2014 all 15 municipalities around the Black sea coast with cadastral map.