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Foreigners could buy Bulgarian land in 2014

Nationals of other counties will be free to buy land in Bulgaria after 1 January 2014. Then the gratis period expires, by which our country has benefited in its entry into the European Union.

Currently this is still possible, but for this purpose the foreigner must register a company in Bulgaria and to buy the plots in the behalf of the legal person.

Opinions on the issue with the acquisition of land by individuals from other countries are separated. According to some this would be stirred the investing in small villages and will revitalized poor regions. According to others, however the moratorium is kind of defense of national interests.

According to Svilen Radev, a farmer from the region of Varna, he is afraid that foreigners who buy land can use it for other purposes not for farming. He believes that revitalization of the declining regions could happen in deferent way.