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Discounted dwellings with small bedrooms are selling fast in Bulgaria

Homes with small bedrooms, under 10 sq.m are the most commonly sold.

This points a study of two of the biggest companies in the field of real estate in Bulgaria. The amounts are set according to the average per square meter price in a building.

At a lower value are traded and housings with a low ceiling, under the standard minimum of 2.4 m and with irregular shapes of the premises.

According to the survey, the maintenance of the common parts are of less importance in the choice of housing in relation to factors such as price and size of the property.

Although this is still the most anticipated additional service, followed by the presence of security, CCTV and access control in the input or complex.

The neighbourhoods with developed infrastructure and easy access to public services are preferred by customers, according to another study.

Experts advise that the mass consumers are looking for housing up to 50 thousand euro.

The purchase of every sixth customer is over 70 thousand euro, about 9% are looking for housing over 100 thousand euro. Two out of three buyers are turning to housing of small or medium size, states the survey.

When choosing business property, the key is the professional support, shows the data from the study. Easiest access is another important factor. According to the specialists, the center of the city is no longer the most preferred location for both office and retail.

Transport access is first when looking for office space or commercial property. For office tenants in the first place is public transport and the importance of it is underground. For the retailers, the car access is most important.

Tenants of offices want a broad accommodation with regular shapes, which allows the efficient utilization of space in the various distributions.

Managers pay serious attention to the comfort of the employees.

They expect high-end systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, bright, large and high spaces and opening windows.

The mix of tenants is essential for any shopping center. After that comes the technical characteristics of the buildings.

The infrastructure in the region, the car access or public transportation and pedestrian traffic as well as the distribution of shops are the most critical for the commercial circuits.