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Council Of Ministers To Decide On Construction In Bulgarias Irakli

The Environment Ministry would present the issue of construction in wild beach areas to the Council of Ministers, Environment Minister Djevdet Chakurov said after a meeting with environmentalists.

An environmental organisation demanded a ban on the construction in Irakli, one of Bulgaria’s last remaining wild beach areas, reported.

Presenting the issue to the Council of Ministers did not mean running away from responsibility, Chakurov said. Chakurov said that in the beginning of next week he would sign a document banning construction in Irakli.

It is unclear whether Chakurov has the authority to issue such ban. reported that the manner in which a court would accept such document was also uncertain.

Representatives of the environmentalist organisation said they were unsatisfied with the manner in which Chakurov dealt with the issue.

According to the lack of clear ministry position on the issue could signify illegal activities were underway in the coastal region.