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China wants to invest in agriculture in Bulgaria

An agreement for the export of corn was signed between the Governments of China and Bulgaria. That said, speaking to reporters in Plovdiv, the Sales Counselor of the Chinese Ambassador Wen Hua Ki to Bulgaria.

There is a Chinese company in Yambol, which is engaged in the production of vegetables - peppers and aubergines. There are also other companies interested in corn and the production of honey.

The corn is imported into China as feed for livestock, specified the Counselor. China already cooperate with Bulgarian company in the production of dairy products.

The Bulgarian yogurt in China, is produced from Bulgarian-Chinese company. This yogurt is very wanted from the Chinese market, said the Counselor.

Representatives of the 40 major enterprises from China will come in Bulgarian this summer. They also have an interest in investing in agriculture and telecommunications. About 20 companies are now investing in Bulgaria.

There is increase in the technological cooperation between the two countries. Chinese company already collaborates with a big Bulgarian company in the production of cars.

Chinese companies show great interest and give high rating to the Bulgarian wine as well.

The representatives of the companies, which were attending the forum in Plovdiv, showed interest also to the Bulgarian rose. They want to visit the Rose Festival and to buy oil products. According to them, these products are very good for the skin and the body.