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Bulgarian goods – cheapest in EU

Life in Bulgaria is the cheapest of all 27 members of the European Union (EU), commented the German media Deutsche Welle, referring to the calculations made by the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The data is based on estimates of the statistical management of the EU Eurostat for the prices of food products and beverages. German radio indicated that prices in Bulgaria are 51% lower than the average indicator for the EU.

According to Eurostat data, in the past year prices of alcoholic beverages were the cheapest in Bulgaria (67% of the average in the EU), about the food products price, our country ranks the 3rd place after Romania and Poland (68% of the average in the EU).

The country with the highest rates in the EU is Denmark, where the value of life is with 41.9% higher than the average for the EU.

After her has ranked Sweden with 28% higher than the average rates for the EU and Finland with 24%.

The most expensive countries in Europe beyond the 27 members are Norway with 59.2% above average index and Switzerland by 58%.

Among the cheapest countries in Europe are Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia.