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Bulgaria ranks eighth in Europe by rental yield

Bulgaria ranks eighth in Europe by return on investment property to be leased. This points to the rating of the British site
According to the portal, it is 5.77% a year. In the Balkans, we are only Turkey, where the reported indicator is 5.91 per cent. Our southeast neighbor is ranked seventh. Immediately after Bulgaria is Cyprus - with 5.70% yield. Bulgarian Realtors advise investing in a rental property to be made in a large city where demand is greatest.

The number one ranking in Ireland is Ireland, which has a yield of over 7%. There the return on average for one year rises from 6.54% to 7.08%.
With an indicator above 6 per cent in the top 10 are the second Malta - by 6.64%, followed by Portugal - 6.43%, the Netherlands - 6.27% and Slovakia. The last state is the only ex-sovereign that outpaces us in rental yields.

According to the site, the advantage of all the top ten countries is relatively low property prices and rising rents, especially in large cities, which allows a decent income.
At the other pole, with high property prices pushing down rental yields below 4 per cent, Sweden ranks 29th with 3%, Croatia with 3.82%, France with 3.82%, and Austria with 3 , 91 per cent. Britain is on the border of 4%.

In another ranking on portal, Portugal and Turkey are identified as the best destinations in Europe for investors who buy property for rent. The site has investigated which markets have the strongest demand for rental properties.
In Europe, with the largest share of those living in the home, six out of 10 households are Switzerland, according to Eurostat's latest official data.

Second is Germany with about 50% share of tenants, followed by Austria and Turkey. In these countries, however, apart from somewhat of our southeast neighbor, property prices are very high.