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Bulgaria in top 10 for the British buyers

Bulgaria again entered the top 10 for most wanted destinations for property purchases for the British buyers. The statistics is quite recent from August 2011.


According to the date of the survey 3,3% from all requests for real estate were for properties in Bulgaria. The new interest to Bulgaria puts the country for a first time in the top 10 for the last 3 years.


The most popular is still Spain, taking the first place for a second subsequent month. Immediately after Spain are the other sunny countries - France, Portugal as well as the United States of America. Bulgaria is on the seventh position.


With the ongoing financial crisis and instability, the people are oriented to purchases in cheaper destinations, where they can buy properties at really good prices.


The Bulgarian real estate market made a lot, to stabilize over the last 1 year. There a lot of great bargains on the Bulgarian property market especially in the winter resorts.