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Britons Travelling Further Afield

A number of factors are currently drawing people from the UK outside Europe and further afield, an expert has revealed.

Francesca Ecsery of told Travel Trade Gazette that exposure to other cultures was tempting Britons to explore different countries first-hand.

For example, she stated that the popularity of many foreign recipes in the UK had encouraged people to check out the genuine article in its country of origin.

Ms Ecsery added that current exchange rates were also influencing Britons' travel habits, as the pound and the euro are both quite strong.

She commented: "Your money doesn't take you as far as it would further afield."

This, she added, means that travelling to a long-haul destination can ultimately be much cheaper than visiting a eurozone country or somewhere in the UK.

According to currency specialist HiFX, less-established locations that are far from home are also becoming more popular with overseas property buyers.

Property in Brazil was highlighted as a particularly popular market among Britons, since it offered relatively cheap prices.