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British newspaper recommends Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

With long sandy beaches to rival the Med, Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline makes for an affordable family break, says Matthew Beard.
Bulgarian is a relatively unspoilt country brimming with natural beauty, writes British newspaper “London Evening Standard”.
Holidays in Bulgaria have attracted the attention of the British media for the wrong reasons. Tabloid headlines often involve scandals with British came to Sunny Beach for cheap alcohol and nightlife. "But do not let the notoriety of a resort to get you to stay away," says Beard. The tour operators are now on a mission to attract a different class of customers. ‘If our week there was any measure, it may soon be better known as an affordable family-friendly destination, with its own unique charm.’ – says Matthew Beard.
“Our family of four flew to Bourgas, in southern Bulgaria, on a package with Balkan Holidays. From there, we were bussed down to the five-star Duni Royal Resort, an impressive-looking complex with a resemblance to the Atlantis hotel group, that has been developed around a bay on the Black Sea. Blessed with a long strip of sandy beach, the resort includes two imposing hotels, several restaurants and bars, and a concrete-looking “amphitheatre”, site of the “all-inclusive” evening entertainment” , continues the author. He and his family stayed in a building with small modern apartments, separated from the noisy hotels and near a forest.
The resort is kept clean and is also quiet at night. Cloudless blue sky and pleasant bathing water have made a strong impression on visitors. During the week, the family has spent time in the company of Russian, German and Eastern European families. “While London friends have started exploring Croatia and Montenegro, this corner of the Balkans is relatively undiscovered; we were virtually the only Brits here.”, says Matthew Beard.
Priorities of his family for the summer holidays were swimming, resting and reading. Duni offers a variety of activities: tennis, beach volleyball, mini golf, archery, cycling, etc. Beach conducted training water aerobics and massage cabins there. The water is clear, there area swimming pools and the sea bottom is sloping.
The author believes that the level of food does not meet the standards of a five star hotel. However, the situation is not bad because it includes fresh fruit and salads. Unlike Beard his sons have enjoyed a wide variety of children's dishes such as fruit color ice cream and non-alcoholic cocktails.
In their desire to see "the real Bulgarian" family took a taxi to nearby Sozopol. “ Imagining a picturesque little fishing town, we were surprised at how busy it was — after the seclusion of Duni it felt as if half of Bulgaria had descended onto the town’s meandering cobbled streets lined with pretty wooden houses, packed with touristy restaurants — many offering delicious fare — and street stalls. In summer they hold free concerts.” , tells impressions Beard.
” Overall our family holiday was a success. You can’t go wrong with a week full of sun, sea and fresh forest air. Bulgaria definitely has its own unique charm. It is a country that has not realised its full tourist potential yet — but that is not such a bad thing.”, ends Beard.