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Bio-corridor "Maritza-North

Shape riparian bio-corridor in the new residential park north Maritza in Plovdiv

The municipal council approved the plan of the attractive area between Pazardzhik road and MaritzaArea of 256 hectares in the northwestern part of the city formed a new neighborhood called Park residential Maritza north.

In the new general development plan is one of the promising areas for expansion of the city to the presence of unused land locked between the north bank of the Maritsa River to the south, "Pazardzhik road and Bulgaria Boulevard from the north, the railway line from east of Karlovo belonging to settlements and municipal boundary to the west.In the old General urban plan of the city in 1968 the territory was given for public spaces and landscaping, and adjustment plan of 1952 envisaged for Park Recreation and Culture - north, which remained unfulfilled.

As a result of leaking restitution process after 1990, nearly 197 ha of the territory passed into private hands.

Intensifying investment initiative owners have Plovdiv Municipality to start in 2006 making detailed development plan - A plan for street regulation of development zones for optimal parametersettings the street network to provide mobile access to any plot of land. Opredelyane routes of future engineering facilities and reservation of land for sites of social infrastructure, landscaping and sports.In the project scope covered stadium Maritza educational complex of the two language schools, camping fourth kilometer, and the pumping station Plovdiv-North, with its safeguard zones (13 hectares).

The east face of Bulgaria Blvd has built the buildings - construction hypermarket, auto center, and right behind them on an area of 40 acres is located the largest currently in Plovdiv residential gated complex "Maritza Gardens.