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Balchik century-old mill converted into a cultural center

Mill in Balchik from the beginning of last century will be transformed into a cultural information center.

Historic landmark will attract tourists to exposure to the way of grain, said architect Vladimir Popov - Chairman of Friends of Balchik, in which members of Romanian and Bulgarian architects, academics, researchers stone architecture.

Five-story building was built in 1909 and is among the most modern industrial facilities in Europe at that time. Mill is one of the first buildings of steel-concrete structures in Bulgaria. It was built by a joint stock company of entrepreneurs who exports meal in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, said the architect, as quoted by BTA.

In his words during the First World War the building was hit by several rounds, but remains intact. In the mill, which has nearly 2500 square meters area, there will be an exhibition hall for the artifacts of seven civilizations have left traces in Balchik. From former industrial site are surviving fragments of machines and transmissions, which provoked architects to arrange a kind of museum of the grain. In the cultural center will be located and studios for artists.

The municipality will apply to a project under the Operational Programme "Regional Development" to transform the mill into a tourist attraction, the mayor of Balchik Nikolay Angelov.