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An interesting fact for selling an attic property in Bulgaria

If you have a property with a ceiling and basement, there is an opportunity to keep the basement as a service room and the ceiling to sell. Before that you will need to change its purpose to become a standalone item that can be sold separately.

You can take a procedure for changing the use of a ceiling in a creative workroom, advises lawyer Milena Mitkova. For a studio you will need to provide a parking space within the property. You will need the consent of the immediate neighbors of the attic and the neighbor below the ceiling.

The ceiling will be given ideal parts of the common parts of the building from your apartment. Then you can sell it freely.

You need the consent of your immediate neighbors because the ceiling is not a standalone object, the lawyer adds. What exactly you can do to it, the architect will most likely tell you. For example, a workshop must have its own bathroom. The apartment must have a number of rooms, an exhibition, and so on.

In cases where a homeowner has decided to rebuild a loft already built in a dwelling or an atelier, he has to agree to all other landlords if this redevelopment affects common parts of other owners, says lawyer Galina Chankova. Consent is made with notarized signatures.

When the change of purpose will not change the common parts, consent is not required. When the conversion is large, then there must be an approved architectural design.

However, if the ceiling or part of it does not have the necessary height, area and volume, nor does it have access to it from a normal ladder and is unusable except for insulation between the last slab and the roof and the outlet, then it forms an integral part of the nature yours. Its purpose can not be changed under any circumstances.

How is the sale of an attic? At the beginning the attic has no standalone status and sells along with the apartment on sale. But if the status of the attic is changed from a servant to a separate site, then a sale can now take place. It is good to have another room to stay at the apartment as a service.