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A second Mall outside Sofia opens its doors

For the past five years, the construction of a number of commercial centers was frozen. Only Strand Burgas managed to open its doors, even after the beginning of the crisis.

Today we are witnessing the second largest shopping centre, which will be put into operation – “Panorama Mall”. After the building fell into the hands of private enforcement agent, was sold at auction. The new owner is one of the founders of Unionbank – Svetoslav Radev. To date, he will be able to regain the investment for a period of 10 years.

The official opening of this mall is scheduled for April 12, 2014. To the date of the opening of the shopping center is planned for 80% of its area to be occupied. The average term of the contracts with dealers in stores is 5 years.

In view of the financial resources of the locals from Pleven in the shopping centre will open stores primarily with brands from the average price segment, which already have stores in other malls in the country. Pleven will have available four cinema halls. For comparison, in the city currently operates only one movie theater.

The supermarket will be the chain Carrefour, and has 1700 sq.m. This will be the first of a chain store in the Northern Bulgaria. The total built-up area of the mall is 17,000 square meters with over 100 stores located in three trading floors. Parking will be on two levels, with a capacity of 400 parking spaces. It is foreseen to be free.