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95% Of Bulgarian Enterprises Work With Natural Gas

Curently more than 95% of Bulgarian enterprises, who have access to the gas distribution infrastructure, consume natural gas, informs the press center of Overgas.

The natural gas is the best energy alternative for the industry and representatives from the sector have oriented towards use of the blue fuel.

The reasons are two: high profitability of the production because of the low price of gas and the lack of expensive investments in purifying installations.

Out of the reach of the gas distribution network are only 150 enterprises. Many of them are candidate-clients of Overgas under the project “Virtual gas pipeline” - for supply of compressed natural gas.

Industry has the highest share of gas consumption in Bulgaria. In 2007 the total consumption of industrial, public-administrative and households consumers is 3.048 bln m3 with 3.2 bln being consumed by the industry.