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90 properties are being sold every day on the Bulgarian sea coast

Profitable season for the real estate market on the coast. Myth or reality, however, is the reduction of prices?

Experts from the field categorize the industry market during the summer season as stable and strong. The facts are that the prices have not decreased from the beginning of the summer, and retain their levels.

The continuing tourists` interest is directed not only to holiday properties, but also to residential buildings. 85% of the buyers are from Russia. Decrease was reported only in rents.

The closer to the sea is- the more beautiful it is, but also more expensive. Nearly 1,300 euros per square meter is the price for those who want to see the sunrise over the sea. Most buyer are more economical orientated.

"The main demand are low cost deals. They are usually one-bedroom apartments from 20 000 to 40 000 euros. There is also a very strong interest in mortgage purchases again. Although the prices levels are stable now, around 90 transactions average per day are recorded in the south coast resorts. There is also sting interest to residential buildings,located in the city of Bourgas.