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70 Million Eur Investment In Biggest Office Center In Bulgaria

70 million EUR will be the cost of the biggest office center in Bulgaria - the European Trade Center.

The construction works are presently planned to be finished in January 2010.

The large project has mobilized big part of the sector's capacity.

By the project's data round 60% of the constructing and engineering resource of Sofia is occupied with the center's realizing.

14 cranes are presently working on the building site.

The European Trade Center is located on the busiest boulevard in Sofia - ‘Tsarigradsko Shose' and includes the highest office building in construction process in Bulgaria for the moment.

The new center will be build using a serial of ‘green technologies', lowering the energy expends and optimizing the functional environment in the center. The roofs will be planted.

The center is being built in a common comnplex with ‘Carefour Tsarigradsko Mall' and will offer individual projecting of office surfaces.