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3% Growth In The Price Of Houses In Bulgaria

Today the National statistic institute distributed data about the movement of the housing prices in Bulgaria for the third quarter of 2008. The real estate prices seem to be unaffected by the credit crisis and are growing with new 3%.The average price for a square meter residential area in Bulgaria is 709.12 euro for the period July-September while for the period April-June the average price was 688.15 euro.In the capital the real estate prices mark a growth of 6.8% where the prices are the highest: an average of 1235 euro for square meter.The highest housing price growth, however, mark Plovdiv (11%) and Dobrich (8.9%).The real estate prices in Shumen, Stara Zagora, Kjustendil, Pernik, Vidin, Varna and Blagoevgrad go cheaper.The reduction of prices in Varna is 0.4% for the third quarter of 2008 with an average price of 1650 for a square meter. Thus the sea capital is the only among the Bulgarian towns which could compete with Sofia.In Burgas the average price for a square meter of real estate is 877.5 euro and in Plovdiv 827.5 euro.The data is about apartments in the regional towns with the prices of apartments new construction being excluded.