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300 000 BGN needed to design a new entrance road junction to Lom

About 300 000 leva are necessary to design a new entrance road junction for the town of Lom. This was announced by Penka Penkova - Mayor of the Municipality of Lom. According to her words they will seek support from the country to build a site about 4 km on a project to link the city from the roundabout junction to the port complex.

"Crucial for Lom is to build a new entrance to the city, as it is now dangerous passage to the exit from the port of Lom to Montana. There is gipsy neighborhood that is inhabited by many people, children. There is a continuous landslide processes" explained the Mayor.

She added that the infrastructure in the municipality of Lom and Montana is in a tragic situation. "The country is like a stepmother to the road and transport infrastructure in the region, said Penkova. She underlined that as a transport corridor and the entire municipality of Lom is in an unenviable position.

Penkova added that this year, significant steps have been taken under the PHARE project for the road Lom - Montana, which is strategically important for the region. The road Vidin - Gigen, which covers about 20 kilometers from the Municipality of Lom is under construction now.

Extremely tragic is the situation of the municipal roads and a little better is the fourth-class network, said Petkova. According to her there are three things that define the vision of a city - cleanliness, transport and connection with it; municipal and national road infrastructure and lighting in it.

Lom Municipality is preparing a project for underground communications, utilities and water treatment equipment designed by MOSV. "Hopefully in 2010 the project will be approved and then we`ll think about the above-ground infrastructure," said the mayor.