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10% more Russians with property in Bulgaria

According to report, 338 thousand Russians have properties in Bulgaria, which is 10 percent more than last year.

The site relies on information from the Embassy of RF in Bulgaria. A major incentive for the investment of the Russians is the proximity of the languages and relatively inexpensive housing.

According to the property portal, the average prices for home in Bulgaria are $ 600 per sq.m., against $ 1485 in Russia.

According to another site OPP Connect, is expected in the future 30-40% more Russian pensioners to decide to buy a home abroad, which logically will increase and investment in Bulgarian properties.

Statistics show that approximately 160,000 Russians at retirement age are living almost constantly over the border into their own homes.

"More and more Russians in retirement age are beginning to spend money for a property abroad", says Debbie Gibbs of the Bower Properties. In her words, they have spent their lives in large, dirty and noisy cities and can now afford the luxury to buy a home in the mountains where there is fresh air ".

According to Anna Chebakova - Housage, the Russian retirees choose country where to move on several criteria, the most important are the convenience for travel and the possibility of legalization of stay.

"Among the most popular for living are Bulgaria and Montenegro", believes the real estate agent and adds that the Russians in old age prefer cheap or average price housing.