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Apartments for sale in Sozopol

This is a VIP complex, of closed type, on the first line of the sea with its own beach. It is situated within 5 minutes from the yacht port of Sozopol, the town offers a variety of entertainments.

The interior will be done to the client's taste and the equipment and furniture may be standard or luxuriously done. By a long standing practice, there is no furnishing included in the common price, and this gives the opportunity to the clients to choose whatever they like from the catalog, to their own taste.

The management and maintenance of the complex will be assigned to the Festa hotels which have already signed contracts with the leading tour operators Iberostar and Sol Melia.

Completion date: March 2012


  • Almost all of the apartments look to the sea.
  • The building is on the shore of the sea.
  • The resort has two VIP restaurants - classical and a restaurant where are offered marine delicacies.
  • There are café, lobby bar, water bar, a big navigable swimming pool with many decorative fountains, spa fitness center, many shops, convenient underground parking, self - guarded territory.



ID: 5769
Property Status:  Available
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District:  Sozopol
Price Euro:  €53,963
Price GBP:  £46,915
Price USD:  $60,234
Category:  Apartments
Area :  5 Floors
Extras:  Electricity, Water
Location:  In beach resort, Near beach resort, On the sea, In town, Near town, In fishing area, Near highway, In vacation place, Near mountain
Published:  Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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Price list

App. # Floor App. Plan App. Type App. View Balcony Area (m2) Price (€) Status
A1-103 1   Studio Complex Yes 50.76 m2 €72,200 Available
A2-104 1   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 96.57 m2 €149,685 Available
A3-101 1   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 102.70 m2 €159,187 Available
B2-104 1   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 99.21 m2 €153,776 Available
B3-101 1   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 74.15 m2 €96,395 Available
B3-103 1   Studio Complex Yes 41.10 m2 €53,430 Available
B3-104 1   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 96.41 m2 €125,333 Available
B4-101 1   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 56.75 m2 €73,781 Available
B4-103 1   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 75.10 m2 €97,633 Available
C1-103 1   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 111.89 m2 €173,432 Available
C3-101 1   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 74.69 m2 €168,053 Available
A1-101 1   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 71.25 m2 €92,625 Sold
A1-102 1   Studio Complex Yes 43.61 m2 €53,963 Sold
A1-104 1   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 72.95 m2 €127,663 Sold
A1-202 2   Studio Complex Yes 42.83 m2 €76,100 Available
A1-203 2   Studio Complex Yes 41.93 m2 €75,000 Available
A3-201 2   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 94.46 m2 €160,500 Available
A3-202 2   Studio Complex Yes 42.71 m2 €74,738 Available
A3-203 2   Studio Complex Yes 42.35 m2 €75,500 Available
A3-204 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 80.79 m2 €125,229 Available
A4-202 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 79.06 m2 €118,584 Available
A4-203 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 78.26 m2 €105,648 Available
A4-204 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 92.09 m2 €119,712 Available
B1-201 2   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 97.87 m2 €172,200 Available
B1-202 2   Studio Complex Yes 40.70 m2 €71,225 Available
B1-204 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 73.01 m2 €129,500 Available
B2-204 2   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 89.89 m2 €139,330 Available
B2-302 2   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 79.98 m2 €115,971 Available
B3-201 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 72.15 m2 €101,010 Available
B3-204 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 90.84 m2 €118,092 Available
B4-201 2   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 86.90 m2 €126,011 Available
B4-202 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 61.90 m2 €95,948 Available
B4-203 2   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 73.54 m2 €95,604 Available
C1-201 2   Penthouse Complex Yes 116.06 m2 €214,711 Available
C1-202 2   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 151.30 m2 €232,652 Available
C1-203 2   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 112.36 m2 €175,071 Available
C2-201 2   Penthouse Complex Yes 170.32 m2 €309,428 Available
C2-202 2   3 Bedroom Complex Yes 170.22 m2 €297,885 Available
A1-201 2   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 95.08 m2 €128,353 Sold
A2-202 2   Studio Complex Yes 39.06 m2 €58,596 Sold
A2-203 2   Studio Complex Yes 39.28 m2 €54,994 Sold
A2-301 3   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 74.61 m2 €131,500 Available
A2-303 3   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 111.95 m2 €195,913 Available
A3-301 3   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 106.59 m2 €186,537 Available
A4-301 3   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 69.30 m2 €100,490 Available
A4-302 3   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 101.88 m2 €137,532 Available
A4-303 3   Studio Complex Yes 49.94 m2 €64,918 Available
B1-301 3   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 96.09 m2 €148,940 Available
B2-301 3   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 80.96 m2 €140,500 Available
B2-303 3   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 94.44 m2 €164,500 Available
B3-301 3   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 72.59 m2 €105,256 Available
B4-301 3   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 87.49 m2 €113,732 Available
B4-303 3   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 76.03 m2 €110,238 Available
A1-301 3   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 99.15 m2 €133,849 Sold
A1-402 4   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 72.69 m2 €129,500 Available
A2-403 4   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 106.34 m2 €186,090 Available
B2-403 4   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 98.40 m2 €175,500 Available
B3-401 4   Studio Complex Yes 73.10 m2 €98,685 Available
B3-403 4   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 90.39 m2 €122,027 Available
B4-401 4   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 123.55 m2 €179,144 Available
A1-401 4   2 Bedroom Complex Yes 149.80 m2 €196,606 Sold
A2-401 4   Studio Complex Yes 67.92 m2 €74,260 Sold
A2-502 5   1 Bedroom Complex Yes 100.47 m2 €122,882 Sold



This luxury complex is located in the town of Sozopol on the widest and longest beach of Kavatsite. The complex offers resources for a real holiday, as well as facilities for active sport activities. It has been designed to meet the highest of 5-star European standards while the virgin nature and the broad beach are unique not only for the region of the town of Sozopol but for the Black Sea coast. This is the place where Nature, Romance and Beauty meet. This is a self-contained complex with independent infrastructure which includes 8 independent buildings with 130 apartments. The concept of the architecture of the complex is based on a contemporary Mediterranean style blended with typical accents of the Bulgarian traditions in architecture, such as sloped red tile roofs and stone footing. The Complex is completely accomplished - equipped with all necessary amenities and fully furnished with stylish and functional furniture! The luxury and high standard ensure independence and wholesome rest for both owners and guests. The V.I.P. beach zone is available for the owners of the apartments and their guest and offers luxury, peace and at the same time a variety of sport activities and entertainment. Wrapped in the greenery of the area the Complex deserves its name and the location gives the delight of a long summer. The plants and the gardens bring freshness and sensation of Eden. On-site Facilities This is a self-contained complex with independent infrastructure which includes: Hotel The Hotel features: Reception Lounge Lobby Bar Travel Agents Services Rent-a-Car Conference Room 2 meeting rooms Restaurant Parking Lots 24-hour security service SPA The luxurious units of the Sports & Recreation centre tends to ensuring an atmosphere of relax and pleasure: Sauna Steam Bath Tangentor Medical and Sport massages Beauty Parlour Hairdresser's Medical Centre Fitness Swimming Pools The complex is wrapped in greenery and water areas. The Complex has 4 swimming pools of a total area of 600 square meters separated into 2 basic units, flowing into each other. The lovely waterfalls, tangentor streams, the pool bar and the mini slides enhance the unique style and attractive view of the water area of the Complex. Sport and Medical centers For people fond of active sport activities the complex offers: Tennis court Football field Basketball court Mini Golf The active sport activities located on the private beach include: Water-skiing Scuba diving and fishing Yachting Surfing Beach Volleyball Gambling Houses offer: Pool House Table Tennis Halls for children equipped with computers, flippers and others Children's playground with animators Shopping Area The spacious shopping area in the complex can suit every taste: Sport & Beach Accessories Store Children's toys Boutiques Jewellery Perfumery & Cosmetics Drugstore Souvenirs Restaurants and cafes There are many entertainment places ensuring high spirits of the owners and the guests of Paradise Dune Beach & Sport Resort: Traditional Bulgarian restaurant Open -air Italian restaurant with Mediterranean atmosphere Fish restaurant for all connoisseurs of sea-food dainties Open-air cafés and French bistros Vienna Cafeteria with exquisite and quiet Atmosphere Pool Bar Payment plans: Plan C - 10% discount 100% Upon signing the Preliminary contract.        

DISCOUNTED -19%Apartments for sale in Sozopol





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