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Return of the British investors on the euro real estate markets

As soon as the British pound recovers its positions against the euro, the British property buyers may be interested in buying properties in Europe.


According to the journalist and founder of PropertyHournalist Mark da Silva, cited by the online edition HiFX, the current economic climate may be made the British very careful when buying a properties abroad.


At the same time he claims that countries like Spain offer to physical persons a perfect opportunity to negotiate low cost deals because the prices there are falling dramatically for some time. He noticed that before the British buyers come back on the real estate market, they will wait for a significant improvement in the economy on the island.


At the current levels of the British pound, it is quite logical for the British to wait for better times for the point against the euro. The British property buyers were a major moving force for the vacation property market in Bulgaria before the crisis. Now this role is taken by the Russian investors.