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Beach resorts in Bulgaria

The Northern Black Sea Coast


Kavarna and Cape Kaliakra


The dramatic cliffs of Cape Kaliakra provide one of the Black Sea’s prettiest and most remote beach resorts. It is also one of the 100 national tourist destinations. This region is less developed than Sunny Beach and golden Sands to the south, but it attracts nature-lovers to the Kaliakra National Park, the only coastal national park in Bulgaria. 12 km on the south is Kavarna. The area has been allocated planning permission for one of the signature golf courses along the coast. Still these beach areas are rather untouched and native.





This northerly seaside town is about 40 km from Varna and has become a highly favorable destination for property hunters. The beach strip is mainly rocks and is not ideal for sunbathing. However the town has a lot to offer to tourists – the Romanian Queen Palace, the biggest Botanical Garden in Bulgaria, old cobble streets and white-washed cottages. Balchik also has a brand new yacht harbor for all sail lovers.




Albena and Golden Sands

The two resorts of Albena and Golden Sands are just a few kilometers from each other, along the coast road, north of Varna. Both of them enjoy a 4 km strip of soft, golden sand sloping gently into a crystal clear sea. They are one of the first international beach resorts opened back in the 50s.The resorts also offer a wide range of activities including scuba-diving, water-skiing, boat excursions, jeep safari and many others.





Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria and things here get much more interesting. The city is separated from the beach strip by the so called “Sea Garden” – a lovely landscaped park with monuments, amphitheatre, dolphinarium, observatory, benches, walking areas and plenty of trees and flowers. Sometimes the beach area can get overcrowded so natives go to the beaches in the villa zones of Euxinograd, St. Constantin and Elena, Alen Mak and others. Don’t expect to see beach front hotels or apartments like in the resorts. The only thing along the coast is restaurants and bars.



The Southern Black Sea Coast


Sunny Beach


Just north along the coast from the main southern coast city of Bourgas, Sunny Beach has probably had more development and renovation than any part of the Bulgarian coast. Visitors will be struck by the amount of construction work going on. Sunny Beach is now much larger and even livelier than the northern resorts. Its greatest asset is an 8 km stretch of clean, sandy beach.With over 120 hotels and apartment complexes, including hundreds of restaurants, pubs and 24h disco clubs, it has a reputation for a fairly raucous nightlife.





A few kilometers south of sunny Beach, a rocky peninsula connects he small and historic town of Nessebar to the main coast. This is once again one of the 100 national tourist destinations. It has a fine selection of stone and wooden buildings and an aspect of urban design that is unique. The new town of Nessebar has two fantastic beaches and plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. This is an interesting place for those who wish to combine the sunbathing and sight-seeing without having to travel a lot.






Bulgaria’s fourth largest city is in many ways less glamorous than its surrounding beach resorts and historical towns. It gives more industrial feel with strategic business location. It tends to be a city that people pass through to go to their holiday vacation spot. Still all guests can have a walk along the sea garden and sit back and enjoy the central beach. The surrounding areas are all worth exploring and have a warm climate and beautiful mountain scenery.





Sozopol is located south of Burgas. It was found in the 6th century and enjoys a stunning location. The center – the Old Town – is located on a small peninsula. Its distinctive stone and wooden buildings form the architectural template for many of the new developments in the area. This is one of the most visited resorts by Bulgarians and tends to be crowded during the summer. There are also a few camp sites right next to the town – “Gradina”, “Zlatna Ribka”, “Kavatzi”, “Veselie”, ”Smokinia”. The last three form one of the biggest nude beaches in Bulgaria.