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Sofia Mayor Discusses Second Sofia Land, European Volleyball Championship And Winter Olympics

Sofia mayor Boyko Borissov and the head of the State Agency for Youth and Sports (SAYS) Vessela Lecheva discussed the construction of new amusement and sports complexes in Sofia, Bulgarian language daily Standart reported on March 20.

A new amusement park, similar to the former Sofialand, will open  doors near Sofia’s Zapaden Park (West park), the capital’s chief architect Petar Dikov told Standart daily.

Sofia city hall will invite a concession for the garden near Zapaden Park in the coming months. The place is very appropriate for a new amusement park, because there is no car traffic nearby, Dikov commented.
However, he admitted that no one has expressed an interest in the project so far, but he was positive that candidates would soon appear.

Ilinden mayor Roumyana Doichinova, though, said that she did not have a clue about the contemplated enterprise on the premises of her municipality.