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Res Still To Go In Mass Use In Building Projects Build Green Cee

Use of unconventional energy resources in Romania in new buildings or in renovating new ones is still a pioneering activity, hence a correct design that can be replicated across other buildings is yet to be found, said architect Gabriela Tabacu, a professor at University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, at Build Green CEE.
She showcased the renovation concept for a building on Tomescu Street in Bucharest, which is to use solar panels for heating and electricity as well as heating pumps.
The innovative concept involves higher renovation costs than if classical equipment were used but is set to cut utility costs at the operation stage, Tabacu added.
Another solar panel installation was envisaged in the renovation model for a rural house, intended for subsequent use for tourist purposes. The model was presented by Mihaela Hamanescu in what she said was another pilot project for use of solar energy in residential buildings in Romania.
The two projects set only the beginning of a more mindful approach in urban planning. Anca Ginavar, an architect and deputy director general at the Territorial Development directorate with the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, called for urban planning strategy in Romania, which should be integrated and compliant with the efforts of the European Union in the field.