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In The Time Of Crisis Bulgaria Becomes Heaven For Low Budget Tourists

Tourism will be affected by the world financial crisis. The Institute for analyzes and assessment of tourism, however, does not expect such downturn in the main parameters and number of tourists that the countries with more expensive tourism than the Bulgarian one are supposed to expect.Rumen Draganov, director of the institute claimed for Focus agency that in percentage Bulgaria will be around the levels of this year and close to them. "It is possible that we are a bit lower but it won't be in times as it happened in other destinations", said Draganov.According to him Bulgaria is perceived as a low budget destination and is criticized for not attracting the high budget tourists.However, exactly in the conditions of economic crisis, this is the better option - the destination will be seen not as expensive, prestigious and high budget but as low budget one.Regardless of the wide spread information that the number of tourists as a whole this year has decreased and the Bulgarians have again chosen to rest not on the Bulgarian Black sea but abroad, according to Rumen Draganov, "this summer the market showed that we have more Bulgarians than foreigners in the country"."For the first time we have more Bulgarians who were at our main resorts - Sunny beach, Golden sands, Albena - they outnumbered the foreigners", said the director of the Institute for analyzes and assessment of tourism. This year many Bulgarians went for a holiday abroad because they have the financial opportunity.The traveling abroad will become an expensive luxury because of the crisis. We should focus on the close markets - Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Russia.There is increase in the number of tourists from Romania and Russia but all in all we should expect more tourists from these destinations next year and we should preserve our traditional markets as Germany, England, Benelux and Scandinavia exactly by showing them that at the time of crisis we are extremely lucrative regarding tourist traveling.Now is the chance for Bulgaria to come out with a suitable advertisement on these markets and to explain that its plus is its low budget status. Now is the moment the State agency on tourism to receive its 11 million eur for advertisement for which it is fully ready regarding administrative and management capacity.In order Bulgaria to take advantage of the crisis by positioning itself well with its qualities - new hotels and tourism of extreme quality which can be done in the time of economic crisis, claimed Rumen Draganov.