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Eu Grants 700,000 Eur To Bulgarian Dupnitza For Project Realizing

700, 000 EUR will receive Dupnitza Municipality (Southwestern Bulgaria) by EU funds for four projects, announced.

The Dupnitza Municipality prepares four big ecological projects with large influence over the bio - balance recovering in the region.

The part of ‘Rila' Park, part of Rila Mountain, which is included in the municipality territory will be recovered by the ‘Let's reach new tourism horizons' project, which is common work with Vraniya Municipality.

The cost of the project is 325, 459 BGN (167,730 EUR) as the amount of 291, 253 BGN (145,626 EUR) will be given by European Union and the Bulgarian Regional Development Ministry.

The ‘Rivers Alive' project's value is 314, 182 EUR. 298, 473 EUR of the amount are granted free by the EU. The ‘Rivers Alive' project is part of ‘Good Neigbourship' program Bulgaria - Macedonia, as partner of Dupnica Municipality is Kriva Palanka.

The main purpose of the project is integration of the rivers Jerman and Bistrica, Otovica and Jubrena in the culture - cognitive destination ‘Dupnitza'.