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Bulgarian Seaside Resorts Reveal Record Low Accommodation Prices

The Bulgarian seaside resort of Slanchev Bryag has been forced to present record low accommodation prices due to the expected horrific tourist season, reports Tuesday.Accommodation for employees of the complex will cost as low as EUR1.5 a night, while last year the same service cost them two to three times more.. Usually owner of businesses sign special deals with hotel managers when they have to find housing for over 30 employees.Meanwhile the conditions in the provided apartments are very good, hotel owners claim. There is a separate restroom for every apartment, cable TV, as well as wireless Internet connection in most hotels.Housing estate prices at the seaside have also severely crumbled. Apartments that are five or six lines away from the coast may be bought as low as EUR350 to 400 per square meter.A trade property of 80 square meters costs EUR33,700