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The search on the property market in Sofia in 2018 is more and more of two bedroom apartments

Buyers think in the perspective of expanding the family.

The demand for three-bedroom apartments in Sofia is increasing and already reached the share of the two-bedroom apartments, data from consultancy companies show.

Two-bedroom apartments are becoming more attractive to customers looking for their first home and need a larger property with a family-friendly perspective. Thus, the three-room apartments become the first choice for a home of almost 30% of the agency's clients, statistics show.

The growing and stable incomes that young buyers in Sofia have today stimulate them towards a strategically new choice - choosing a larger home that will meet their needs after 5 and 10 years. They are aware that their family may soon increase and therefore want to secure their comfort from now on without having to carry over after a certain period of time. Taxes on transactions in Bulgaria also have an impact on the buyers' reluctance to enter a short sales and purchasing cycle when it is not a transaction but a property for living.

These buyers most often look for properties in the new quarters of Sofia around the southern arc of the Ring Road with more reasonable prices - Krastova Vada, Manastirski Livadi and Vitosha. Their average budget is 140 thousand euros.

In the prestigious "Iztok", "Izgrev", "Lozenets" and the center of Sofia, the prices of the two-bedroom apartments reach prices of 300 thousand - 350 thousand euros. In Mladost average sales prices are about 150,000 euros.


Companies have tended to sell fully furnished homes in recent months. Especially in three-room apartments, it is assumed that customers have spent a larger purchase amount and their property expectations are rising.

According to experts, the so-called double deals - owners sell their present apartment and buy another, generally more expensive property. Here the reasons are two - increasing the quadrature or improving the quality of life.

In both cases, these are typically families with children - 80% of clients with similar transactions.

Almost all apartments with more than one bedroom are bought for private use, not an investment. Experts expect the interest in three-room housing to stay at least until the end of the year.