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The interest in holiday properties is growing with the beginning of the summer season

The ongoing economic recovery and the economic growth since the end of 2010 brought optimism and helped the real estate market to start gradual recovery from the crisis, which is noticed in the first half of 2011. This statement is based on the fact that the volume of the property bargains has increased lately, slowing the pace of lowering the prices and meanwhile interest rates on mortgage loans are found at lower levels.

More and more foreign property investors are turning their backs on some of the major property markets in Europe and head eastern countries like Bulgaria and Romania.

The Rearranging and stirring up the market in 2012 in Bulgaria led to new processes and trends.Some of them started at the beginning of tourist season, with increasing the buyers` interest in the Bulgarian holiday properties to the sea and mainly in the region of the Southern Black Sea coast. Experts reported growth of 20% of bargains in the resort "Sunny Beach" with a decrease in prices with about 6 per cent.The reasons for this new trend, according to managers of the real estate market, is that

Developers of vacation properties dropped down the prices at the right time- the beginning of the summer season.This decreasing in the prices led to strong demand from Russian clients mainly in the price range of 20,000 to 50,000 euros for finished apartments near the beach.In this situation Bulgarians are tempted to buy ready and profitable furnished apartment on the beach for about 25,000 to 35,000 euros, with the prospect of using it for years, rather than rent accommodation.However, for this money residential property in Sofia and large cities cannot be bought.

Another trend is that the building on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast loses its intensity and the perspective is that it will stop.Seen in the long run, this means that the prices of marine apartments will grow.This will lead to good profit for those who buy now, as an investment.That`s why more Bulgarians invest their saved money in the sea properties.

Of course a good consideration is needed, so people who decide to buy property have to look for professionals who can advise them adequately and provide the needed information and services. We from Best Bulgarian Properties have an extensive database of properties in Bulgaria. We do our best to cover our clients` requirements in order to find the best property for them. Due to our help and individual attitude to every customer, a lot of people already found their new homes or started new business, or have some good secure investments in Bulgaria.


2011 was no so successful for holiday properties in ski resorts, especially for property in Bansko, one of the main winter resorts. After a slow winter season, prices of apartments in Bansko have dropped down, they lost about 25% of their value and now the market has a large selection of really lucrative apartments.

The average sales price of apartments in Bansko in 2011 was € 35,000 and in 2010 was € 42,800 - a reduction of 18% annually is reported. The price per square meter average for 2011 was 498 euros, a drop of around 25% from 2010, when it was 650 euros per square meter. The decrease in prices is dictated by the interest in cheapest apartments. In the autumn of 2012 an increase in demand for property in ski resorts is expected.

For Sofia experts have registered a decreasing in home properties` prices, which is at about by 10 percent annually. The interest is mainly for apartments up to 50 thousand euros as more people prefer the suburbs lately.

Experts reported 15% growth of sales of properties in 2011 compared to 2010 in Sofia. A considerable growth in sales of home properties is noticed for the first time since the crisis began, and the average price per square foot for the capital in the beginning of 2012 is 790 -800 euro. As a whole the decreasing of the prices in Sofia is around 14%.

Interest in property in other cities in the country is relatively stable in 2012, but there is also a trend of demand for cheap apartments.

According to the international real estate market Bulgaria is still in the top 10 destinations for purchasing a real estate property.