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The center of Varna with the least decrease in price for January

The prices of the properties in the center of Varna decreased with only 11% for the first 6 months of the year this is indicated by the values of the concluded real estate deals in Varna. At the moment the average prices here are 1246 euro per square meter where last year the price ws 1410 euro per square meter. The center of the city of Varna remains the only area where the prices are above 1000 euro per square meter.

The biggest decrease in price, more than 39% indicates the region of large center of the sea capital of Bulgaria. The prices there only for 6 months went down from 1409 to 856 euro per square meter.

With average prices of the property deals from 618 euro per square meter the quarter Vladislav Varnenchik is the place with the lowest property prices in Varna. Compared with last year the decrease in the prices there is with 26%.

More than one fifth is the decrease in the prices in the quarters Tsvetan and Levski for the first half of the year the property deals there were concluded with average prices of 772 to 848 euro per square meter.

In the Mladost district in Varna compared with last year the property deals were concluded at more than one third lower prices - on average 698 euro per square meter, indicates the statistics.