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The average price for a house in Boyana is 500 000 euro

The average price of a modern house with several bedrooms, bathrooms adequate and necessary service facilities in one of the most prestigious areas of Sofia - "Boyana" is 500 000 euro.

Although in the recent years the crisis has affected the properties in this neighborhood, this type of properties keeps average price per square meter around 1 100 euro.

Market analysis in the region of "Boyana" indicates that the supply of large modern houses, with high quality, fully finished and enlarged by landscaped and maintained garden is limited. That makes the relatively high final price of such properties.

Proposals ranged from 400 to 500 square meters usually include 3-4 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, large living room and a garage for at least two cars.

Their practical design usually allows residents a variety of activities and recreation.

As an addition to the attractiveness of the property is the well developed landscaped plot.

Houses with large gardens are offered at higher price levels reaching 1,300 euro per square meter. This indicates that the land has significant added value, which also affects to the price of the building.

A Survey shows that during negotiations the prices of such properties has no serious changes and bargains are concluded at levels close to asking price.

Expectations of analyzers are that the hunger of luxury properties will develop and remain stable. Changes in prices levels would be minimal.

Market participants can plan that the purchase of such property can take between 6 and 12 months from the time when the property is offered on the market.