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Preparation of a strategy for the development of Sofia,Bulgaria by 2050

Specific measures are envisaged to improve security in the capital, and all new buses are equipped with video surveillance, says Ellen Gerdjikov.

The final version of "Vision for Development of Sofia", a strategic document for the development of the city by 2050, will be presented within 19 months, involving experts from different fields. This was stated by Elena Gerdzhikov, chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council, on the Bulgarian National Television (BNT).

He added that the main idea is for Sofia to speak of a green and innovative city.

"This is a shared vision for the future development of the city - how to develop it, but not just as urban planning. On the basis of this part of the vision will be prepared the next year and the change in the overall master plan. Something that has become clear that it has to be done in recent months and years when conflicts arose at different locations in Sofia. Several such cases were in Mladost. It is expected that the green areas will be protected when the general development plan is changed, "the chairman of the municipal council said.

Gerdjikov pointed out that this vision of Sofia's development is important not only for urban development but also for economic development, health care.

According to him, concrete measures are envisaged to improve security and added that all new buses are equipped with video surveillance.

Go in the right direction to the bikes and every new boulevard has one that is expected to be built on Dondukov Blvd., Gerdzhikov said.

According to him, the last decision of the municipal council for new green zones includes parts of Lozenets and Sredets region.

Gerdzhikov also said that the collection of offers for repair in the West Park was in progress. After the procedure, the repair will begin immediately and must be completed within the next year.

Regarding security in the parks, he said that research is being done and the municipal council is ready to vote for additional funding for more video surveillance if needed.