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Preparation for visa facilitation for foreign property owners in Bulgaria

The Government is working on measures to facilitate the visa regime for foreigners who buy properties in Bulgaria. This said the Deputy Prime Minister Daniela Bobeva during the forum "Construction in 2014 - prospects and challenges".

She also said, "If we succeed, this will encourage the purchase of housing by foreigners, which will have a direct effect on the growth of construction".

In the summer the hoteliers alerted that they do fictitious bookings for Russian citizens, who have properties in Bulgaria, but encountered problems when issuing visas.

The Government has a commitment to the business and in terms of supporting its participation in tenders abroad. Bobeva said that there are discussions with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other countries of Central Asia.

In the words of the Deputy Prime Minister, the State's obligations to the construction industry are one of the reasons for the severe crisis that plunged the sector. She assured that the Government has begun to pay to the businesses, as part of the payments was directed to the construction sector.