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Larger properties are in the center of demand for the property market in Bulgaria in 2018

The main reason why one-bedroom apartments are purchased is the optimal ratio between the price and the size of the property. In the last year, however, there has been an increase in buyers wishing to acquire a three-room apartment. Nearly 30% of them already acquire such property, experts say. One of the main reasons for this is that the interest is from family members who plan to expand the family.

The growing and stable incomes that young buyers in Sofia have today serve as an impetus for a strategically new choice - choosing a bigger home that will meet their needs after 5 and 10 years. They are aware that their family may soon increase and therefore want to secure their comfort from now on without having to carry over after a certain period of time. Taxes on transactions in Bulgaria also have an impact on buyers' reluctance to enter a short sales and purchase cycle when it is not a transaction, but a property to live, experts say.

Most prosperous for this type of buyers are the promising new quarters of Sofia around the southern arc, where the prices of the properties are at reasonable levels - Krastova vada, Manastirski livadi and Vitosha. The average budget that separates customers for a two-bedroom apartment is about 140,000 EUR. In the traditionally prestigious East, Izgrev, Lozenets and Center, the prices of 2-bedroom apartments reach prices of 300,000-350,000 EUR. In Mladost, where the highest percentage of buyers are young couples, the average selling prices are about 150,000 EUR.

A new trend in the housing market is also the desire of buyers to acquire fully furnished housing.

Double deals also stimulate the market for three-bedroom apartments. Owners sell the lesser home in which they live, pay, and acquire more. There are two main reasons why this is done. One is increasing the size of the dwelling and the other - increasing the quality of life. From this perspective, customers are reluctant to compromise on the functionality of the premises, such as a non-functional kitchen or a small living room. Demanding homes with larger and lighter rooms.

Regarding the intensity of demand and supply of three-room properties in Sofia, for example, most sellers are in the center of the capital. Next are Manastirski Livadi and Vitosha, according to reports in the biggest real estate sites. TOP 5 includes Lozenets and Krastova vada. The buyers who are looking for Ovcha kupel, Boyana, Studentski grad, Mladost 4 and Banishora have a bigger choice.

As far as the demand is concerned, it is most in Lozenets and only then in the center of Sofia. The reason may be the price. The average square meter in a three-room apartment in the prestigious southern neighborhood is 1400 EUR, while in the central city area - 1280 EUR. East, Strelbishte and Mladost 1 are also preferred places to buy a three-room apartment.

Regarding the prices, the most expensive of this type of dwellings remain in the region of Doctor's Memorial - 2000 EUR / sq.m. Between 1300 EUR / sq.m. and 1500 EUR / sq.m. are traded in areas such as Medical Academy, Lozenets and Ivan Vazov. In the various districts of Mladost and Druzhba the price is about 900 EUR / sq.m. Hope and Lyulin offers for 700-750 EUR / sq.m.