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If you are going to invest do it in Montana, Yambol or Targovishte

Today in Targovishte was presented the almanac "Investment Index of the Municipalities in Bulgaria

"Some time ago it became clear that on the held in Plovdiv international financial exhibition "Banks, investments and money" Targovishte takes third place in the category of the urban areas which has between 50 and 100 thousand people. The region takes index of 69,05.

Today in Targovishte on a visit was Dimitar Nemski who is one of the authors of the idea and handed in certificates to the municipalities in the district.

Before the municipality of Targovishte on second place is the city of Yambol with index 75,98, the first place in the category is Montana with index - 79,42.

The idea for the almanac came during 2007 at the time of the exhibition. At the time the participants came to the conclusion that there should be certain criteria in Bulgaria which will help the investors when they have to decide in which region to invest.

The investment index of the municipalities in Bulgaria is based on a few main criteria. The first one pertains to the presence of economical program of the municipalities for the period 2007 - 2013. The second one pertains for the budget - investments, as well as the adopted funds from the Euro funds. For preparing the total index there should be a reached level of decentralization. The idea for the future is the index to be prepared and issued each year.