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Demand for real estate properties in Bansko ski resort plummets

So far 197 construction licenses have been issued in Bansko, which is twice as low as last year. Data of brokers indicates that most plots appropriate for construction of properties or hotels have been sold and over 80% have been built up. It emerged that demand for properties in the ski resort has leveled off. This is due to the global economy crisis, experts maintain. The property market in the biggest nearby town, Blagoevgrad, is not what it was 2-3 years ago. In 2003 there was a boom of investments in Bansko. At the time huge sums were invested in agricultural plots lacking infrastructure. Over time things changed. Things are going in the direction of a normal market, not lack of one, brokers assure. Properties in the process of construction are being finished; there are no abandoned construction sites. Bansko district administration informs that the infrastructure in the resort is undergoing development.