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Boom of transactions with non-residential properties in Bulgaria, used for living, on the Black Sea coast

Non-residential properties, "suitable for living", are becoming more and more demanded in the Black Sea regions of Bulgaria, according to analysts based on data from brokers.

Garages, warehouses, attics, basements, groundfloors, old factories, schools, and the like are being bought hard for the purpose of living. This trend is mostly observed at the Northern Black Sea coast, it became clear during a meeting of the realtors in Varna.

Why do customers prefer this type of property?

In the modern construction because of the limitation of the number of floors for certain areas and the requirement for the residential properties to have a minimum area, a sanitary room, a basement, a parking space, etc. Often building companies are forced to bypass these rules and build property that does not meet the criteria of housing but allows them to be inhabited for such purpose.

The data indicate that the main criteria for choosing such a property are price and location. For a long time the ground floor and the last floor were neglected by buyers, but no longer.

At the same time there is no supply of free real estate in central and coastal areas.

Not to underestimate the possibility that such a type of property provides for the development of the imagination in the interior design and the creation of an original interior architecture.

Old buildings are of interest for large and unusable large buildings, such as schools, factories, industrial buildings, warehouses and more. These are interesting sites that have built infrastructure, are built in a stable way, have large adjoining yards and, through a modern repair, they become beautiful mansions.

Is it possible to change the destination?

Replacing the purpose of such property is a lengthy and cumbersome procedure, but it is worthwhile in the long run because housing taxes are lower than non-residential taxes.

Who are the buyers of such properties?

Mostly young people, students, IT specialists and art personalities are the main clients who boldly change property deals on the Black Sea coast, especially in Varna and the region.

Realtors predict this trend to develop in other regions of the country. This is also the reason why real estate agencies have the opportunity to publish and search for property listings on the "right to live" criterion, which introduces innovation in real estate ads.