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20% more bargains for holiday homes during the last 3 months

Increase in holiday property market is observed in the country during the last six months, reported the biggest real estate companies in an analysis for the period. According to the data, the most tangible increase in the number of transactions with about 20%, has started the last three months.

Prices of holiday homes are traditionally more stable in summer resorts and suffer more serious in winter resorts. Levels marked increase due to limited offering and an active search for such properties.

Buyers are looking for properties between 30,000 and 40,000 euro for a studio apartment with an area of about 50 m2, one-bedroom apartments between 50 and 70 square meters are interesting for people with a budget of 45 000 to 80 000. The amount depends on the size, number of floors and the view.

These factors influence in the amount that buyers of two bedroom apartments are willing to devote. Such properties are between 80 and 100 square meters and are sold for the amount of 70,000 -150,000 euro.

According to the companies 80% of the holiday apartments in the last six months have been sold for personal use or investment purpose. About 15% of the owners are living in the property permanently.

5% of the homes type" second home" have been bought only for investment. Most buyers - around 80 % prefer furnished property. Although that furniture is preferred, it is not a major factor while buying a property.

Most deals are for properties on the Black Sea - 75%, about 10% of the deals are for apartments in ski resorts. The rest 15% of the bargains are for properties in other locations, such as cities and wellness centers, for example. Now with the beginning of the winter season the things will change- the bargains will be mainly for properties located in the ski resorts.