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Big shop for sale in the city of Plovdiv

The shop is located in a newly built building in the city of Plovdiv. The total area of the place is 375 sq m. It can be separated in 2 smaller shops or even 3 and they could be rented out which will bring pretty good income. There are about 50 parking places outside the building and permanent traffic of people. The place is perfect for a bank, office, small shops and etc. It will be completed in 2009. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, situated on the Maritsa River. Its unique location on these ancient crossroads has stimulated strong cultural and political influences from East and West civilizations, and yet maintained its unique cultural identity. It has its own International Airport and it is one of the best cities to invest in.Being older than most of the oldest towns like Rome, Athens, Carthage or Constantinople, an almost contemporary of Troy, Plovdiv is a town built upon layers of towns and a culture developed upon layers of cultures.


ID: 4284
Property Status:  Sold
District:  Plovdiv
Price Euro:  €570,000
Price GBP:  £495,558
Price USD:  $636,234
Category:  Commercial properties
Area :  1 Floor
Extras:  Electricity, Water, Telephone
Location:  In town, In historic place, Near highway, In vacation place
Published:  Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Belashtisa is located in the central part of the country - close to Plovdiv (the second largest city in Bulgaria) on the road to Rhodope Park and the ski resort Hizha Zdravetz located only 3km away from the Plovdiv ring-road and 24km away from the ski tracks. The village lies in the Thracian valley just at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains providing the relaxing atmosphere of both fresh air and beautiful nature with the convenience of the nearby city. Typical for the Belashtisa area is the mild climate, and in the summer the temperatures are about 7-8 degrees lower than those in Plovdiv which can rise to 35º C+. This area has been developing exceptionally well in the last few years and it is of ever growing interest not only for private homes and residential houses, but as well for the foreign investors in real estate. Besides the tranquility, being away from the bustling city life of Plovdiv, Belashtisa offers also a wide range of activities for people's free time. With its tranquil setting, Belashtisa is already established as one of the most exclusive residencies of then Plovdiv area and many wealthy people from this region have beautiful homes here. It offers a superb investment opportunity due to its location. 10 minutes to Plovdiv airport, panoramic views over the city and with primary road links for fast highway connections. Belashtisa is now on the radar of the companies relocating to Plovdiv looking for exclusive style living, away from the city noise. With detaching of a new residential space of that kind there are always emerge new requirements to the neighbouring community. That itself afford new opportunities for investing in a variety of projects unlimited in some specific fields. The investment project Belashtisa Sky is a luxury residential complex located in the popular VIP residence just next to Plovdiv. The relief is reviewed by the designing of the project in order of maximum adoption of the terrain and creating of its own local road lane with a controllable access. In the complex are situated 18 family residences, organized in 3 groups, formatting attractive inner yard. Spacious verandas are designed for all houses. The building construction is monolithic, from reinforced concrete with retaining walls from ceramic bricks and inner partition walls of Ytong. The project is in accordance with the latest requirements regarding the extend and the situation of the residences. It is made after a year of researching the region in order to achieve faster realization of the separate residences as independent projects. All necessary surveying and valuations of the plot are made, the project is selling together will approved architectural plans for residential complex, building permissions, all water, roads and electricity permissions and the fully pack of document which the investors needs to start the developing of this luxury project Belashtisa Sky village. Planting of the inner yard is conformable to the surrounding environment; attractive water pools, children playground, arbor and appropriate park lighting are designed. Alleys and walkways will be made from printed concrete and colored paving-stones. Parking is settled in groups of a few automobiles in the frames of the complex. For the parking spots is designed building of a roof construction corresponding with the design of the complex.The buildings interior is designed from team of specialists, and is completely conformable with the complexes architecture. Technical indices of the complex * Area of the plot - 5 149 sq.m. * Built-up area - 1 991,53 sq.m. * Extended built-up area - 4 245,88 sq.m. * Planting - 40% An example of description and consist of one house: At the first floor is designed the living area that includes living room, dining-room, kitchen and restroom. The second floor consists of two bedrooms, one of which is with separate bathroom, WC and a wardrobe room; and a terrace attached to the other bedroom. There is planed second bathroom. Some of the houses has third (mansard) floor are designed one bedroom, study and bathroom with WC. All houses have verandas and are with different sizes from 190 sq.m. to 239,85 sq.m. total built-up area The building's exterior is at the most consistent with the surrounding environment and its purpose. At the execution of the finishing works are used modern materials according the standards and requirements for heat conservation. It is consider construction of wooden pillars. The rails are fretwork - from metal. The windows frames are PVC with non colored transparent glass. Surrounding the windows will be built decorative frames. 1. AREA OF THE PLOT - 5 149 sq.m. 2. BUILT-UP AREA - 1 991,53 sq.m. 3. EXTENDED BUILT-UP AREA - 4245,88 sq.m. 4. SERVICE ROOM - 57 sq.m. 5. PLANTING - 60% 6. SWIMMING POOL (BIG) - 16,8 sq.m. 7. SWIMMING POOL (SMALL) - 8,6 sq.m. 8. PARKING SPOTS - 24 9. ROOF MATERIAL - CERAMIC ROOF TILES 10. FACING OF THE VERANDAS - STONE TILES 11. INNER ROADS WIDTH - TWO ALLEY WITH 3 O/W EACH 12. WATER SOURCE - Ø90; UPPLY RS 80 T.U.33 FROM WATER SOURCE CHEREN PETER 13. SEWERAGE IS DESIGNED WITH AN OWN PURIFICATION SYSTEM 14. FOR THE SUPPLYING THE NEEDED ELECTRICITY POWER FOR THE COMPLEX, THE SUPPLY WILL BE CARRIED THROUGH POWER SUPPLY STATION TYPE BKTP 11/12 LOCATED AT THE BACK OF THE PLOT. 15. FOR THE HEATING, VENTILATION AND AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEMS WILL BE USED MODERN INSTALLATIONS WITH OUTDOOR MAIN BODIES, WHICH KEEP THE BUILDING FACADES CLEAN, HAVE VERY LOW NOISE LEVEL, AND PROVIDES QUICK ACCLIMATIZATION IN EACH PREMISE AT START.

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