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Bulgarian regions, cities and towns

Information and properties for sale in cities and towns in Bulgaria

Here you will find all the necessary information to make your best Bulgarian property investment! We have prepared for you detailed information plus pictures of all cities, regions and towns in Bulgaria where we offer excellent properties for sale. There are three important factors to look for in order to make a wise property purchase: location, location and location :). You can now easily choose the best location for your Bulgarian property!

Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria, information about Veliki preslav
Veliki Preslav
The town of Veliki Preslav has a population of 10 645 of permanent residents. It (population: 10 645; 120 m above sea-level) is situated on the banks of the Ticha River about 120 m above sea-level. The capital Sofia is 365 km . It is also 19 km away from Shoumen, 25 km away from Turgovishte, 23 km north-west of Smyadovo, and 37 km north-east of Vurbitsa. As a second capital of Danubian Bulgaria it is full of artifacts and monuments. Ruins of the former settlement can be found 2 km south... more
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, information about Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo
The town of Veliko Tarnovo has 66 998 inhabitants and is 210 metres above sea level. It is situated along the historical hills of Sveta Gora, Tsarevets and Trapezitsa, on the two banks of the Yantra River. The town is situated 240 km north-east of Sofia, 86 km east of Lovech, 46 km north-east of Gabrovo, 50 km east of Sevlievo and 106 km south-west of Rousse. Veliko Tarnovo is the town with the most glorious historical past in Bulgaria. It is a symbol of Bulgarian statehood and a... more
Velingrad, Bulgaria, spa resort in Bulgaria, information about Velingrad
Velingrad is one of the most popular towns and balneological resorts. It lies at the western end of Chepino Valley, part of the Rhodope Mountains in Southern Bulgaria. History According to legend, Orpheus lived in these lands at one time. There also is a saga that these lands inspired Spartacus the Thracian and gave him a titan power. Later, the region was massively inhabited by the Slavs. According to the Bulgarian professors, the tribe Dragovichi lived there. They... more
Vidin, Bulgaria, information about Vidin
The town is situated at 199 km north-west of Sofia, on the right bank of Dunabe it is linked with Kalafat town (in Romania) by a ferry. A major factor making the city a resort is the availability of mineral water. Vidin is one of the oldest towns along the Bulgarian Danube bank. It appears as the Roman fortress of Bononia on the foundations of a Thracian settlement. During the First Bulgarian Kingdom it is known as Budin (Bdin). Bishop's centre. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom it is a... more
Vratsa, Bulgaria, information about Vratsa
The town of Vratsa has 69 423 inhabitants and is 380 m above sea level. It is situated along the two banks of Leva River, in the northern foots of the majestic Vrachanski Balkan. It is 116 km north of Sofia, 41 km south-east of Montana, 80 km and 74 km south of Kozlodoui and Oryahovo, respectively, 57 km and 17 km north-west of Botevgrad and Mezdra, respectively. Vratsa is the largest town in Northwestern Bulgaria. Its nature, history and culture form a unique combination. It is a regional... more
Yambol, Bulgaria, information about Yambol
The town of Yambol with population: 82 924, 135 m above sea level is situated in the eastern part of the Upper Thracian Lowland, on the banks of the Tundzha River. The town is at 37 km. north of Elhovo, 106 km. west of Bourgas, 28 km. south - east of Sliven and 304 km. east of Sofia. It is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns. History The earliest traces of communal life were discovered in the dozens of prehistoric living mounds. The so called Racheva and Marcheva mounds are located on... more
Zlataritsa, Bulgaria, Information about the town of Zlataritsa
The municipality of Zlataritsa is located in the eastern part of Veliko Tarnovo region and borders the municipalities Elena, Veliko Tarnovo, Strajitsa and Antonovo (Targovishte). Zlataritsa municipality consists of 24 settlements 1 town and 23 villages- municipal center town Zlataritsa, two villages with mayors – Novo Gorsko Selo and Rodina and 8 settlements with deputy mayors.  Totally depopulated settlements are 4 - Gorsko Pisarevo village, Durovtsi, Rekichka and Chukata. Villages with... more
Zlatograd, Bulgaria, Information about Zlatograd area
Zlatograd municipality is located in southern Bulgaria, at the end of the Eastern Rhodopes to the last Rhodope ridge after which starts the  Aegean plane. Zlatograd is nestled in the valley of the river Belitsa. Located about 300 km from the capital - Sofia, about 70 km from the ski resort of Pamporovo and 60 km southeast of Smolyan. The most southern town is situated just 2 km from the Bulgarian -Greek border and 50 km from the Aegean Sea. Nearby is planned to build international corridors... more